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Mopfrog- Cleaning Services Brooklyn

At Mopfrog, we aim to serve our clients with cleaning services the Hamptons that solve many common problems in the home or business. We know that our eco-friendly approach to cleaning ensures that each room is spotless, sparkling clean but also safe. The Mopfrog team in the Hamptons offers regular and specialty cleaning services for homes, businesses, schools and more. Mopfrog professionals understand that the indoor environment must be clean and sanitary to keep everyone healthy and happy. That is why we follow a strict protocol for our green cleaning services. We never use unnatural cleaning solutions or processes, and we continually work to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Our satisfied clients know that we provide a trained and experienced cleaning team for each service provided. We typically use a two-person cleaning team, with at least one qualified expert to ensure that our standards are maintained from start to finish. Our policy is to carefully analyze each room where service is required, and clean each room methodically and thoroughly. Our efficient processes call for us to clean left to right, top to bottom, using our high-powered cleaning equipment. We leave no knick-knack on the shelf in our quest to fight dirt and dust in your home or business.

The Mopfrog cleaning team always uses tools and products that meet our high standards for environmental responsibility and cleaning efficacy. We rely on products certified by Green Seal, an independent nonprofit organization that scientifically tests and confirms that each product is eco-friendly and sustainable from manufacturing to our use. We also use microfiber cloths in our cleaning processes, to reduce our own water consumption and production of waste. You can feel satisfied knowing that Mopfrog’s the Hamptons cleaning service is so dedicated to a better world for you and your family.

We are sufficiently confident that you will be pleased with our eco-friendly cleaning services Brooklyn that we back it up with the Mopfrog guarantee. With our personal commitment to professional service, we believe you will delight in how we clean and carefully maintain your home or business. However, if you are ever unsatisfied with a service we provide, we encourage you to contact us right away. We will come in a second time to clean the area thoroughly, at no charge to you. Our guarantee helps us to achieve our goal of consistent, superb service that you will be happy to receive again and again.


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